American Lung Association, Indiana farmers working to cultivate cleaner air  - Indiana Corn and Soy

American Lung Association, Indiana farmers working to cultivate cleaner air 

Posted: May 18, 2024
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By Bailey S. Arnold,
American Lung Association 

For more than a century, the American Lung Association has been at the forefront of the battle for clean air and healthy lungs. Established in 1904, the Lung Association has tirelessly championed lung health through research, education and advocacy. 

As the oldest voluntary public health organization commemorates its 120th anniversary, it’s a fitting time to reflect on its legacy and ongoing efforts to combat air pollution and promote respiratory wellness. 

One of the Lung Association’s most impactful initiatives is its annual “State of the Air” report. This comprehensive analysis provides vital information on air quality across the United States. By examining data on ozone pollution, particle pollution and other key indicators, the report sheds light on the challenges facing communities and highlights areas in need of improvement. 

Armed with this knowledge, the Lung Association collaborates with policymakers, healthcare professionals, companies and citizens to implement solutions that safeguard public health and the environment. One such collaboration is with the Indiana Soybean Alliance checkoff program to manage the B20 Club of Indiana, an award-winning program the two organizations launched in 2020. 

The B20 Club of Indiana recognizes and supports Indiana-based companies that use or support the use and production of low-carbon biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel made from soybean oil and other renewable feedstocks. Since the Club’s inception three years ago, eight private and public fleets from communities throughout the state have become official Fleet Members, including award-winning fleets like the City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW). As of today, DPW has more than 1,500 vehicles that run on biodiesel year-round. 

After two years as B20 Club members, Club reports show DPW has used 1.8 million gallons of biodiesel, resulting in reductions of 6,000 pounds of particulate matter and 3.6 tons of CO2e, a measurement of the total greenhouse gases emitted. 

By promoting the B20 Club of Indiana and use of biodiesel, the Lung Association and Indiana Soybean Alliance collaboration has proven to be effective in helping to improve air quality in Indiana and beyond. And as the American Lung Association enters its 120th year, its mission remains as vital as ever. 

Despite significant progress in the fight against air pollution, challenges persist. From climate change to industrial emissions, the need for action is clear. By uniting individuals, companies, and communities in the pursuit of clean air and healthy lungs, the Lung Association, with supportive grantors like the Indiana Soybean Alliance, is working to build a brighter, healthier future for generations to come. 






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