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Bunge Ground Breaking of New Soy-Protein Concentrate Facility

Bunge, a global leader in agribusiness, food, and ingredients, is making a significant investment in central Indiana to expand its soy-based ingredient production capabilities. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new soy protein concentrate and textured concentrate facility marks an important milestone in Bunge’s mission to meet the increasing customer demand for soy-based ingredients in various food products. This state-of-the-art facility will play a crucial role in adding value to locally grown soybeans, benefitting both consumers and Indiana’s soybean producers.

Addressing Changing Consumer Preferences

Consumer preferences are continuously evolving, with more individuals seeking plant-based food options. Bunge’s decision to invest $550 million in a new facility reflects its dedication to meeting this growing demand. The facility will focus on producing soy-protein concentrate for plant-based foods, processed meat, pet food, and feed products. By expanding its production capacity for soy-based ingredients, Bunge aims to offer consumers around the world access to more sustainable and nutritious food choices.

Phil Ramsey, Representative Pence, and Brian Douville (Bunge VP of Specialty Ingredients) at the Bunge Morristown Ground Breaking Ceremony
Phil Ramsey, Representative Pence, and Brian Douville (Bunge VP of Specialty Ingredients)

An Opportunity for Indiana Soybean Producers

The ceremony was attended by Phil Ramsey, an Indiana farmer who has served on the Indiana Soybean Alliance Board of Directors and currently a board of director for the American Soybean Association and Soy Transportation Coalition. He highlighted the opportunity to sell non-GMO beans locally, allowing farmers to command a premium price. The new facility’s increased processing capacity will improve the basis for soybeans in the region, leading to better returns for farmers and contributing to the local agricultural economy. Bunge’s decision to establish a soy-protein concentrate facility next to its existing soybean processing plant demonstrates a commitment to adding value to soybeans because of the surrounding support. The current plant processes soybeans for animal feed and food processing oil, and the expansion will enable the production of higher-value soy-based ingredients. This investment ensures that more of the soy protein produced locally can be incorporated into the food products consumers enjoy, both domestically and internationally.

“The technology keeps changing and the foods keep changing, so this is an opportunity to get more of our soy protein into food that we’re eating…It will be good for consumers around the world and help us move some more soybeans.” said Phil Ramsey.

Bunge’s groundbreaking ceremony for its new soy-protein concentrate facility in central Indiana represents the commitment from Bunge to meet the rising demand for soy-based ingredients. The investment will add value to soybeans grown in Indiana, benefiting both consumers and local farmers.

“As the world’s largest oilseed processor, plant proteins are a natural extension of our industry leading oils, fats, and specialty ingredient portfolio. This new facility is an important step in our long-term strategy to strengthen our capabilities in downstream higher value food ingredients,” said Greg Heckman, Bunge CEO.

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