Major shift in India’s poultry market indicated in changes in recent years  - Indiana Corn and Soy

Major shift in India’s poultry market indicated in changes in recent years 

Posted: May 18, 2024
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Recent years have witnessed a significant shift in India’s poultry market, with a growing preference for processed poultry products including duck and turkey, especially during festive seasons. India has recently reduced tariffs on turkey and duck meat (end-use condition) from 30 percent to 5 percent. 

This reduction, for duck, allows U.S. premium frozen duck to supply upscale, 3-star and above hotels and licensed restaurants at the reduced tariff. The recent reduction in tariffs on turkey and duck is promising a surge in U.S. poultry imports. 

Trade mission helps U.S.-India ag relations 

April witnessed a major agribusiness trade mission organized by the USDA. Led by Alexis M. Taylor, Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, the mission saw participation from 47 U.S. agribusiness entities and 11 state departments aiming to deepen ties with Indian stakeholders. 

Key participants included representatives from Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana State Poultry Association and USAPEEC company members, among others, which played a crucial role in facilitating business-to-business meetings, market visits and in-depth discussions on consumer trends and trade regulations. 

USAPEEC Strategic Planning Conference 

The USAPEEC Strategic Planning Conference, in New Delhi from March 18-22 provided a vital platform for stakeholders to strategize on the poultry and egg industry’s future globally. The conference featured discussions led by USDA’s Agricultural Counselor Clay Hamilton on regional trade and U.S. poultry promotions. 

A notable session by Celebrity Chef Rocky Singh delved into the integration of U.S. poultry into traditional Indian recipes, specifically Biryani, enhancing the culinary bridge between the two cultures. The event also marked a significant collaboration with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between USAPEEC and the Poultry Federation of India, underscoring a commitment to poultry protein education and fostering growth in the sector. 

This agreement, signed by USAPEEC President Greg Tyler and Vice President Sanjeev Gupta of the Poultry Federation of India, underscored a shared commitment to enhancing industry standards and consumer outreach. Overall, the conference not only addressed immediate industry challenges but also set the stage for sustained growth and collaboration in the burgeoning Indian market. 

Indiana farmers’ shape India’s poultry industry 

Initiatives like the month-long menu promotion at L’Osteria Bella, Cucina Italiana and the influencer outreach at Mesa Kitchen & Bar in New Delhi highlight the strategic efforts to embed U.S. poultry into Indian culinary practices. These engagements not only promote U.S. poultry’s superior quality and taste but also facilitate its acceptance in a market with immense growth potential. 

Through these initiatives and strategic engagements, stakeholders are set to enhance the presence and acceptance of U.S. poultry products in India, capitalizing on favorable trade conditions and consumer interest. 






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