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Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana Pork to help schoolchildren visit Fair Oaks Farms

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 3, 2020) — The Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) and Indiana Pork recently announced a partnership to allow more school-aged children to visit Fair Oaks Farms. ISA and Indiana Pork have partnered to provide discounts to school field trips and to provide transportation grants for their travel to and from Fair Oaks.

“Indiana Soybean Alliance is excited to help provide field trip and transportation grants to schools visiting Fair Oaks Farm,” said Hannah Vorsilak, ISA Marketing Operations and Leadership Director. “Because of funding restrictions, schools don’t have as many opportunities to take field trips outside the classroom, so we are excited to take a bit of that burden off their shoulders and give students the opportunity to visit a really progressive and innovative farm.”

The partnership provides a $3 discount for tours of Fair Oaks. School groups can also apply for transportation grants to help with busing costs.

“The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks is an excellent opportunity for students to see the inside of a pig barn,” said Jeanette Merritt, Director of Checkoff Programs for Indiana Pork. “Typically today’s youth are at least three generations removed from a family farm. A field trip to the Pig Adventure allows them a chance to see a modern farm and interact with the people raising those pigs.”

“The partnership with Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Pork has made it possible for more educators and future generations to learn about modern agriculture and where food comes from,” said Julie Basich, Chief Operating Officer for Fair Oaks Farms. “Fair Oaks Farms is grateful for this opportunity and has worked hard to provide STEM programs that the educators not only feel good about, but are excited to share with their students and families. Less than 2 percent of the population is involved in agriculture, so being able to make these discussions more accessible to our youth is crucial in bridging that gap.”

For more information on the grant, visit or call Hannah Vorsilak at 317-644-2791.


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