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Corn and Soybean Uses

Indiana Innovation

Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Corn Marketing Council have been a key hub of soybean and corn product innovation through research, student ideas and new products that make a difference.

Checkoff dollars are being spent to continue this work to find greener solutions for everyday products, and our team is integral in connecting the dots between the farmers and the innovators who have a solution in mind.

Some Indiana soybean success stories have been the commercialization of several products including soybean crayons, candles and PoreShield Concrete Durability Enhancer. The United Soybean Board has also had a hand in development of soy-based tire rubber, and artificial turf.

ICMC is currently investing in research for a new technology to replace the petroleum ingredient in acrylic acid with corn-based lactic acid.  Using a corn feedstock to produce acrylic acid could increase corn demand by tens of millions of bushels annually.

Have an innovative idea, need funding for research or help with the commercialization process? Contact Ben Forsythe, Director of Sustainability and Value Creation.

Soybean Uses

Soybeans: Because soybeans are made up of both meal and oil, the uses for this bean are limitless.

Soybeans are used in a wide variety of foods for humans and animals, as well as for industrial and consumer products such as building materials, lubricants and other household items. Learn about those soy-based options in the Soy Products Guide.

Animal Feed
Poultry and livestock feed makes up 97 percent of soybean meal used in the U.S. In Indiana, poultry and hogs are the largest consumers of soybean meal.

Food for Human Consumption
The other 3 percent of soybean meal used in the U.S. is in food products like protein alternatives and soymilk. Oil used for food accounts for 61 percent of soybean oil used in the U.S. This oil can be used as vegetable oil for frying or baking, and as an ingredient in foods like salad dressings and margarines. Soy also appears in products like soy sauce, breakfast cereals and bars, and some beverages and whipped toppings. For more information on foods containing soy, check out the Soy Nutrition Institute.  Click here to learn more about high-oleic soybean oil.

Industrial Uses
Soybean oil used for industrial purposes accounts for 7 percent of soybean oil used in the U.S. This oil is converted into products like paints, plastics and cleaners. The USDA Biobased program and Soy Products Guide has a complete list of industrial products containing soybeans.

Biodiesel is a renewable substitute for petroleum diesel made primarily from soybean oil. The fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 60%, increases energy efficiency and provides price support for soybeans. Click here to learn more about biodiesel.

Corn Uses

It might seem like field corn is primarily used as livestock feed. In reality, there’s much more to this versatile little plant!

Field corn is the main ingredient in ethanol, a cleaner-burning fuel. It’s also a key export commodity, invaluable to markets across the globe. Additionally, it’s used in thousands of products, from bourbon, cereal and tires to medicines and biodegradable plastic.

Food vsAND Fuel from Corn

Average corn yields have increased by more than 25 bushels per acre since 2007, allowing farmers to grow more corn on less land and with fewer resources. This productivity growth allows farmers to meet demand across all uses of corn. The increased demand doesn’t take away from food production but expands the demand of corn through the products produced from corn. 

Corn Makes Whiskey! 

Indiana is home to 22 distilleries, and ICMC works closely with partners to promote our locally produced bourbon. Check it out: Heartland Whiskey Competition.

Soybean Uses and Biofuels

Learn about the new and interesting ways that soybeans are being used. Examples of products that include tires, fuels, crayons, plastics, and much more.

New Uses for the Future

ISA collaborates with Purdue University for the Student Soybean Innovation Competition, aiming to enhance the viability of Indiana soybean farmers by exploring new applications for soybeans.

New Uses Impacting Local Farms

Indiana farmers are passionate about Increasing the value of Indiana soybeans by bringing new food and industrial uses to market through partnerships and research




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