We are committed to you and your operation or business. We’re all about helping our members — advocating on critical issues affecting your farm operation in Indiana.

Melanie Batalis
Senior Marketing Project Manager

Dave Blower
News and Media Relations Manager

Rachel Conner
Industry Affairs Program Manager

Maggie Daily
Market Development Project Manager

Edward Ebert
Senior Director of Grain Production & Utilization

Dennis Henry
Compliance and Accounting Manager

Steve Howell
Senior Director of Industry Affairs

Scott Hutchins
Sustainability and Value Creation Consultant

Helena Jette
Director of Biofuels

Matt Keller
Marketing Outreach Manager

Courtney Kingery
Chief Executive Officer

Madeline Lilly
Sustainability and Value Creation Project Manager

Anna McConnell
Finance and Compliance Consultant

Julie Ohmen
New Uses Consultant Director

Chantel Rammel
Chief Operating Officer

Joe Rorick
On-Farm Sustainability Research and Project Coordinator

Sabrina Simpson
Administrative Assistant

Lora Smith
Research, Compliance and Quality Control Project Manager

Kris Sturtz
Office Manager

Hannah Vorsilak
Marketing Operations and Leadership Director

Chris Weldon
Executive Assistant to the CEO