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High Oleic Soybean Oil


High oleic soybean oil is one of the latest innovations spearheaded by the soybean farmer-funded checkoff organizations, which invest in research to develop soybean varieties that offer improved functional and nutritional characteristics for both oil and protein.

Indiana farmers are the leaders in growing high-oleic soybeans, planting nearly 850,000 acres of this special bean in 2023.

Oil made from these soybeans extends a products’ shelf life, offers a longer fry life than any edible oil, and features an improved fat-profile deeming it a heart healthy oil according to the American Heart Association.  Learn more about process of making soybean oil.

Heart Healthy

The FDA authorized the use of a qualified health claim for oils high in oleic acid, including high oleic soybean oil, and their relationship to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease when replacing oils higher in saturated fats.

Improved fat profile

High oleic soybean oil contains no trans-fat, lower saturated fat and three times the amount of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids, compared to many conventional vegetable oils, which benefits heart health when consumed in moderation.

Growing Sustainably

Indiana soybean growers are committed to being stewards of the land and employ a variety of sustainable practices to reduce their overall land use, soil erosion, energy use and total greenhouse gas emissions, and improve water use efficiency and quality. Learn more about the farmers that grow soybeans at the video below.

First-hand experience using high oleic soybean cooking oil

Watch this video to find out more about the many benefits of high oleic soybean oil. It includes testimonials from Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Purdue University, Fair Oaks Farms, Victory Field, and other experts.

Those who have tried it, love it!  Who’s using high oleic soybean oil?

To find out more about using and purchasing high oleic soybean oil, visit https://food.ussoy.org/

To learn more about growing high oleic soybeans on your farm and earning up to $2 premiums, click here

Soybean Farming: A Journey of Sustainability and Health From a Farmer’s Perspective

Join a farm family’s journey as they cultivate corn, soybeans, and wheat with a focus on sustainability and health. Learn about high oleic soybeans’ unique benefits and discover how farmers are shaping a brighter, eco-friendly future for agriculture.

Interested in planting high oleic soybeans?

Find out information on premiums, programs, and which Indiana elevators that take high oleic soybeans.




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