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Farmers Deliver Sustainability & Conservation

Indiana producers are building healthy soils to continue to feed the world and conserve our land for generations to come. Farmers work with agronomists to grow healthy crops and conserve water by following the four Rs: Right Rate; Right Source, Right Time, Right Place

In 2023, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture reported Indiana farmers had converted 22,641 acres of former farmland into native habit restoration land for generations to come.

Over the last year, Indiana farmers have kept:

Healthy soil results in healthy crops and
healthy waters.

Farmers use soil
sampling to confirm
what the soil
is missing.

Farmers apply nutrients that next year’s crop
will need.

Farmers invest in trials and new technology to improve their sustainability practices. Examples include no-till and cover crops. Over 1.6 Million acres of living cover, which includes cover crops and winter wheat, were planted in 2023 which equates to 30% of Indiana’s farm acres using cover crops.

Indiana farmer leaders, Mark Legan and Rick Clark, share more about conservation practices implemented on their operations below.

“We want to learn all we can and apply that to make our farm more efficient and sustainable for the future.” – Mark Legan

“I saw the power of cover crops and started working to get them on acres across the farm right away.” – Rick Clark

Sustainability & Conservation Resources

Farm and Garden Fertilizer
2023 Sustainability Report

Download Indiana’s corn and Soybean sustainability report.

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Fact Sheet: Conservation and Sustainability Value

Download our fact sheet to learn more about the value of conservation and sustainability for farmers and consumers.

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On Farm Conservation Programs

ISA and ICMC invest farmers’ checkoff funds to improve on-farm water quality and water-use practices by partnering on several on-farm conservation programs.

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Indiana Conservation Partnership

Learn more about a partnership between eight Indiana agencies who work together to promote conservation.

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Fact Sheet: Value Through New Uses

Download our fact sheet to find out more about alternative uses for corn and soybeans.

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External Resources

Indiana Conservation Accomplishments

2023 Conservation Results and County Data – Over 50 thousand new conservation practices were installed in 2023. Click below to see more statewide data.

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Learn more about studies and statistics related to Indiana agriculture. Please CONTACT US if you can’t find the resources you’re seeking, and we will work with you to find answers to your questions or connect you to someone who does.




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