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ISA, PoreShield™ seek submissions for Infrastructure Preservation Program

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INDIANAPOLIS (June 25, 2021) — Step on a crack and you’ll break your mother’s back! This childhood limerick has worried mother-loving children for generations as they walked on concrete. Moms and kids no longer need to worry about accidental parental paralysis. PoreShield™ is on the job!

PoreShield™ is a revolutionary concrete durability enhancer that extends the service life of concrete, lasting five-to-nine times longer than competing products. In a single application, PoreShield™ delivers more than 10 years of proven protection against water, salt and freeze/thaw damage. Not only is PoreShield™ a high-performance solution, it is also safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy to apply. PoreShield™ requires no personal protective equipment to be worn while applying.

PoreShield™ and the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) seeks more opportunities to showcase its unique effectiveness. PoreShield™ and ISA is welcoming submissions for its second annual Infrastructure Preservation Program, in partnership with the United Soybean Board (USB). Why do soybean farmers care about PoreShield™? Because its key ingredient is soy methyl ester-polystyrene, which is derived from the soybean fields of America.

“Soybeans have always been a versatile crop that can provide many, innovative products that help our society, and PoreShield™ is another impressive product with tons of potential,” said ISA Board Chair Matthew Chapman, a farmer from Springport, Ind. “From roads and bridges to driveways and sidewalks, concrete is everywhere in our lives. Extending the life and usefulness of concrete by treating it with PoreShield™, saves money for consumers and creates new markets for soybean growers.”

Last year, 77 bridge decks totaling 330,000 square feet within Indiana were treated as part of the inaugural Infrastructure Preservation Program. “The program was a great success, and we’re excited to bring it back this year to demonstrate the long-lasting protection PoreShield™ offers to all types of concrete infrastructure,” Chapman said.

In 2021, ISA and PoreShield™ is expanding the program to additional infrastructure projects that will benefit from the moisture and ion protection, as well as the safe and sustainable profile PoreShield™ offers. In conjunction with USB, this year’s program will open for use all across the United States. PoreShield™ will be applied all across the U.S. Candidate projects include, but are not limited to bridge decks, pavement, pavement joints, parking garages, airport runways, hangers and terminals, seawalls, flood walls, piers, dams, stadiums and other precast structures.

For more information about participating in the Infrastructure Preservation Program, contact Tess Fennelly at tfennelly@PoreShield™.com.

For more information about PoreShield™, visit www.PoreShield™.com.


About PoreShield™: PoreShield™ is a revolutionary concrete durability enhancer that protects concrete from the inside out. Where other technologies just coat the surface, PoreShield™ is absorbed deep into concrete pores, protecting concrete from premature damage. Created from a partnership between the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Purdue University, PoreShield™ is proven to stop deterioration in existing concrete infrastructure, making concrete last five-to-nine times longer, comparted to untreated. And as a preventative measure, PoreShield™ stands alone – providing maximum protection while reducing maintenance costs, replacements rates, and even lowering the carbon footprint with a non-toxic and hazard-free product profile.

About Indiana Soybean Alliance: The Indiana Soybean Alliance works to enhance the viability of Indiana soybean farmers through the effective and efficient investment of soybean checkoff funds that protect and promote the interest of Indiana soybean farmers. The ISA works to assist soybean farmers through its strategic initiatives of market development; environmental, social and economic sustainability; value creation and producer engagement. ISA is led by an elected, farmer board that directs investments of the soybean checkoff funds on behalf of more than 20,000 Indiana soybean farmers. Learn more at

About United Soybean Board: United Soybean Board’s 78 volunteer farmer-directors work on behalf of all U.S. soybean farmers to achieve maximum value for their soy checkoff investments. These volunteers invest and leverage checkoff funds in programs and partnerships to drive soybean innovation beyond the bushel and increase preference for U.S. soy. That preference is based on U.S. soybean meal and oil quality and the sustainability of U.S. soybean farmers. As stipulated in the federal Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act, the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service has oversight responsibilities for USB and the soy checkoff. For more information on the United Soybean Board, visit

This communication was funded with Indiana soybean checkoff dollars.






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