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NCGA to host special session on new uses for corn

Posted: April 21, 2021
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In Mid-May, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) will host a special session of the Corn Utilization and Technology Conference (CUTC) focused on funding for research, development and commercialization of new uses for corn. This special session will bring together a panel of experts from both the public and private sectors to discuss funding across the research spectrum from beginning level to financing new capital at existing facilities.

This free online event is scheduled for 11-12:30 Eastern Time on Thursday, May 13.

The Indiana Corn Marketing Council is among the program’s sponsors. Indiana farmers are encouraged to attend to learn more about corn new uses and the funding mechanisms necessary to get a new corn products and technologies to market.

“One of the key aspects of CUTC is to build a community of researchers and other stakeholders who are focused on new technology,” said Randy DeSutter, chair of the NCGA Sustainable Ag Research Action Team. “COVID limited our ability to bring this group together, so this session is a good opportunity to have an informational program that is of interest to our entire CUTC audience and keep this community engaged and cohesive.”

Funding is an essential component of innovation at every stage, and the panelists are uniquely suited to address a broad range of funding aspects. Dr. Valerie Reed and Dr. Tim Conner will describe programs at the Department of Energy and the USDA. Reed is the Acting Director of the Department of Energy BioEnergy Technology Office. Conner is the Acting Deputy Director for the Institute of Bioenergy, Climate and Environment and the Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition within USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Eric McAfee and John May will provide insights on funding mechanisms in the private sector, and how to apply them, to fund business growth and other needs successfully. May is a career investment banker who specializes in all forms of debt and project finance. McAfee is founder of eight public companies including Aemetis, an advanced renewable fuels company; Pacific Ethanol; Evolution Petroleum and Vertex.

“We are very excited to have panelists of such high caliber and think that our audience will be able to learn a great deal regarding funding innovative projects to extend uses for corn,” said DeSutter.

The sponsors include: ICMC, Fluid Quip, ITOCHU, Kansas Corn Commission, Minnesota Corn Growers Association and Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association.

Additional information, including how to register for the program, can be found at corn-utilization-and-technology-conference-cutc






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