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Would you rather be the snowflake or the snowplow?

Posted: March 25, 2022
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I am a firm believer that farmers can shape our own destiny in our industry. The snowflakes of this world go wherever the wind blows them. I prefer to be the snowplow!

As it was for those who tilled the soil and raised the livestock for decades before us, it’s our job to lay the groundwork for the next generation of farmers to be successful. We cannot always choose the easy path for them, but we can help make that path straight and narrow for them to find the way.

Some of you may be thinking, “we have heard this before,” or “we’re too small of a voting block to matter.” But just as we have seen with the truckers in Canada, recently, a small, unified voice can be loud enough to be heard around the world.

There are exciting times ahead. The work M&P has done, some in tandem with that state’s soybean checkoff program, is already bringing results. In a recent trip to California, we toured a transload facility and reviewed new opportunities in the renewable diesel business. This will be a huge market for Indiana soybean farmers. This is where the Indiana Soybean Alliance’s Membership and Policy Committee (M&P) can stand unified to educate and lobby our leaders in state and federal government. As farmers, we are willing and can feed the world if – and only if – we are able to use the technology and products of the future to feed the people in the future.

Springport, Ind., farmer Matthew Chapman receives an honorary gavel for his years of service leading the Indiana Soybean Alliance board from ISA CEO Courtney Kingery and new ISA Chair Jim Douglas.

The recent adoption of new renewable diesel regulations into the California fuel infrastructure system will compel diesel consumers to make the leap to a completely renewable fuel supply by 2025.

The new rules in California require renewable diesel to be made up of 80 percent vegetable oil, such as soybean, canola, rapeseed, etc. As of now, only soybean producers have the infrastructure in place to meet California’s needs. The remaining 20 percent of the renewable diesel will come from products such as yellow grease, used cooking oil or bacon grease.

With this new regulation, California is on pace to consume half of current U.S. soybean crop to meet this demand for renewable diesel. That will move a tremendous pile of soybeans.

The logistics of shipping renewable diesel through our pipeline system makes this an economical and sustainable fuel of the future. More news like this will be coming within the next year.

I am proud to be the newly elected M&P chair for 2022. Mygoal is to aggressively engage our leaders in Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis and to encourage our friends in agriculture to play offense and not defense. The time to join our cause is now and become a dues-paying member of our policy team. But more than that, we need your leadership and courage to step up. Speak up.

Stand up for our future and the God-given right as Americans to direct our own destiny.

Every decision you make on a daily basis is a strategic decision, just like policy work. We just need to learn to play bigger and better.

Reach out to me for ways to get involved. Send an email to Mrchapma2004@yahoo.com.






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