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Anything worth doing requires inspiration and perspiration

Matthew Chapman Chair ISA Membership and Policy Committee Farmer

Newly elected State Rep. Cory Criswell, center, visits Matthew and Jacob Chapman on their Henry County, Ind., farm.

Matthew Chapman Chair ISA Membership and Policy Committee Farmer, Springport, Ind.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am an aggressive problem-solver. I am going to do what needs to be done to finish the job.

More than a year ago, I learned that those of us who live in Statehouse District 54 were going to be in need of a new state representative as our previous representative was planning to retire. I thought: What a great time to bring in new ideas and promote a fresh vision for our district.

As you can imagine, there were several candidates interested in the job. But those of us in the farming and rural community were proud to discover and promote the eventual winner – Cory Criswell.

So, how did Cory get elected? Simple, it was good, oldfashioned hard work.

We helped connect Cory with local, small business owners and many farmer leaders, and he was off to the races. He assembled a remarkable team and knocked on the door of every Republican voter from the past election cycle, and he was able to win in an eight-way race in the May primary. With that momentum, Cory was also able to win in the general election this fall.

Many farmers struggle to think they can make a difference. This past victory for newly elected State Rep. Criswell is proof to me that the ground game can work.

We often forget that, as farmers, we have a wide circle of influence. From the people we do business with to the leaders and volunteer organizations we support; we don’t have to go very far to find people who think and believe as we do.

Farmers are the original community organizers. We are experts in networking and how government funding should work because we are often the largest local taxpayers.

My advice is simple: Be diligent. Be involved. Be proud of your legacy!






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